Where is the manual?

There is no manual.SmartBuster is a program that doesn't need one. Just move your mouse over the butons and find out on the blue lcd display in the lower right corner what they do! When used for the first time SmarBuster will show the most important tips. Please don't igonre this tips becase you won't see them again. You can also check out the screencast on the first page.

What does the small folder button do (in Uninstaller view )?

When uninstalling a program the uninstaller may tell you that some elements could not be deleted. Just select the folder's path if shown, copy it and press the little folder button in SmartBuster and that folder is gone

Is it safe to instant shutdown?

Yes. But be careful: you will lose any unsaved worked and might lose any changes you made in the arrangement of desktop icons.

Why is Windows behaving strangely after busting the index.dat files?

Yes, this could definitely happen :) It's an unsolved bug. Just restart. (the index.dat files were safely erased)

Shutdown when all downloads are complete?

If you are downloading some files to known folder specify that folder's path and SmartBuster will monitor that folder. When file activity stops in that folder it presumes the download is complete and shuts down the computer. (not fully tested, it may shutdown even if downloads are still in progress)

Is it safe to press Bust ALL?

By presing the Bust ALL button, all non Windows programs will be terminated so it's Safe .Note that SmartBuster won't let you terminate Windows applications that would crash the system.

What happens if I drop a folder on SmartBuster icon on the desktop?

Since you can't split or unistall a folder the only action that can be performed is shredding. So be carefull when dropping folders on SmartBuster icon because they will be shredded without any warning.When you drop a file you will be asked if you want to uninstall the application it points to, erase it or split it.

When I bust all junk, not all files are deleted.Why?

Because some of the files are in use. They will be deleted on next system reboot. Index.dat files are always recreated by Windows that's why folders like Temporary Internet Files or Cookies will never be empty.

What happens if I press 'Bust Windows' in the righ click menu on the tray icon?

Your PC will shutdown almost instantly even if you have unsaved files. Almost like you would pull out the power cord..This lightning shutdown will not damage in any way you computer.

Where does SmartBuster store start-up registry backup files?

In C:\\Windows\\Repair.
If you want to reinstall Windows and keep your start-up configuration then save all *.reg files in this folder!"

Why does it look so horible?

You have selected a DPI setting higher then Normal (96DPI). Check display settings. The only fix is to set it to Normal.

Have you abandoned SmartBuster? It hasn't been updated in 5 years.

Well, I've been busy, and there were no critical bugs. It seems to work fine on Vista and Windows 7 by just running it as administrator.