What is EasyShell ?

What can I do with it ?

How does it work ?

Wow, I'll try it !

I've seen this before !

I want a new feature !

It is a very fast and enjoyable way to control your computer with the keyboard as easy as operating a washing machine using natural word order commands. No need to memorize geeky instructions!

Combine the usability and simplicity of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) with the rapidity of CLI (Command Line Interface) and you get EasyShell

This is not another shell for computer experts, hackers or administrators; this is THE shell for the rest of us.

EasyShell knows everything about your files, installed applications, running processes and even the selected text in an edit window.

This is why you can:
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Open / Find Files
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Launch Applications
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Install new applications from the internet
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Uninstall Applications
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Remove applications from start-up
bullet_nb_square-blk_check View and Killl Processes / Running apps / Opened windows
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Navigate the files system with ease
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Apply different commands on selected text ( like UpperCase, LowerCase, Word Count, Calculate)
bullet_nb_square-blk_check Take screenshots

much more!

diagrama rezervoare -EN
Commands always begin with a verb phrase. To select one of the available commands in EasyShell's vocabulary just start typing the first few letters from any of the words composing the desired command.

Beside the default suggestion, EasyShell will show you a list with all the possible matches, which you can navigate with the
arrow keys.

To pass to the argument (or object) of the command you need to press the

To select an object proceed like before. To launch the command just press

To select most of the commands you need to type just the first letter of each word.

To select “
Open Application” just type OA.

To open
Remote Desktop Connection you would type:


Ok. I'm glad you are eager to try it. You can get it from here.

Please remeber the hotkey
windows-key+Z to hide or show EasyShell, and SPACE to switch to the object (argument) of the command.
Yes, you probably did see something somewhat similar.

It is inspired from
Enso, QuickSilver (Mac Only) and DashCommand but it differs mostly in one regard : EasyShell reduces the ambiguity to a minimum.

And then there is the
install application command which is very cool smiley-face
Ok cool! This is just an early alpha prototype, and I have no actual plans to extend it. It depends entirely on your input and feedback. Please click the button on the left or the FeedBack button in the menu!

If you want EasyShell in other languages use the FeedBack page.

Thank you!